Baby Food Adventures

23 Oct

At the advice of Sloane’s pediatrician and my own desire to fulfill my inner crunchy granola hippie-mom,  I’ve been making my own baby food.

I received a Baby Bullet baby food maker from my Aunt Dale at my baby shower, and like almost everything else I received that day, I had no idea what it was or how to use it (all that baby stuff was a complete mystery!) I got really excited about having it once a few months went by and Sloane’s solid food introduction was on the horizon.

I decided to start with sweet potatoes/yams. I went to Whole Foods and picked up two huge organic yams, and I also bought a big tub of organic oatmeal to mill for baby cereal (the Baby Bullet can do this too!) I only spent $6.50 (a miracle at “Whole Paycheck,” right?) I was really pleased by how much food I was able to make for that tiny amount of money – not to mention the fact that it’s wholesome, organic and pure.

I cut the yams up into quarter-inch pieces and dropped them into a large pot of boiling water (I forgot to peel the first one, but it was fine because the skin easily boiled off.) I strained them and put them into the large cup of the Baby Bullet. Add water as needed, to get to the thickness you prefer. I found that less is more.

Just a few seconds later I had this pureed goodness! I used the little spatula that came with it to portion out the yams into the cute little cups that it came with for storage. They have a convenient little system to keep track of date you made them, so you know how old it is. Just move the dial around until you select the date you want.

It also comes with this adorable little baby-food cube tray, which is silicone and very easy to squeeze the frozen cubes out of later on. I freeze them and then transfer them to a Ziploc bag, then take out the cubes as needed and simply microwave for a few seconds.

Obviously you see that I made a mess. What’s new?

Seriously, how can you not smile when you see these ridiculous little guys in the freezer? 🙂

Success! Sloane really liked it! We’ve tried oatmeal and yellow squash since then, with equally great results.

Yeah, it takes more time than opening a jar, but if you spend an hour on the weekends making it, you’ll have enough for at least a week – easy and healthy!


Apple & Ivy

22 Oct

Everyone keeps saying Sloane is cute enough to be a model, and last week she had an opportunity to make her debut! My friend Rebecca designs an awesome line of children’s clothing and accessories (and some grown-up stuff as well), and she made Sloane two cute cute dresses for autumn! She also made little capelets to match, without a pattern I might add. She is truly talented!

When Rebecca emailed me the pictures, Jeb and I couldn’t stop staring at them. I don’t know we ended up with such an incredibly cute and special little girl, but I thank God every day. We are truly blessed.

**All above photos courtesy of Rebecca H. Wilding**

Rebecca also designed and made the necklaces my bridesmaids wore in my wedding:

**Photo by J. Nelson Photography**

Please visit Apple & Ivy to find quality, handmade in America items for your child or next special occasion! You can check it out on Etsy and Facebook too.

Oh, and to book Sloane just email me. Haha!

Independence Day

6 Jul

We had a great 4th of July, and it looks like almost everyone else did too! It didn’t even rain! Of course, Sloane had multiple wardrobe changes – not due to a blowout, for once! (sorry for the lame picture quality)


We hung around the house all day before going to the 4th of July party I look forward to every year.  I’ve been almost every year for the past 11.  I always see some of my favorite people there, and Cindy and Givi’s house is probably my favorite house of all time.  Seriously.  Cindy would probably laugh if she heard me call her a “taste maker,” but every time I go to her house, I leave with inspiration for my own casa.  Her home is beautifully curated and she loves all things old Florida, just like Jeb and me.


  Beautiful Cindy with Sloane

Katie and I got together earlier this week and made flag t-shirts, which she found on this blog.  It was totally easy and and they turned out really cute.



Givi makes a great bartender!




Lacey and her beloved Sloanie-girl


Katie and Sloane- showing off the 4th of July outfit she bought her!


Daddy and his girl


Sloane loves mommy, daddy, sleep, milk, and America

Family Photo: Then and Now.

5 Jul

Happy 4th of July!  Last year:


This year:


6 Feb

February 6, 2012:  Dinner.

Jumbo.  The restaurant this came from and the size of my plate.

Jebber was overjoyed when I woke him up from his nap today and informed him that I was craving Chinese!  Seriously, his eyes lit up.  Jumbo is the best Chinese around and it’s worth the 30 minute drive to Winter Park (it’s in the Whole Foods shopping center.  Do it.)

Then we picked out a Ryan Gosling movie together (Stupid Crazy Love) and called it a night.  🙂


5 Feb

February 5, 2012:  10am

Katie getting ready for her big day!  She’s in the chair, and Elysha is making her beautiful, while Jenny documents the whole thing from behind the curtain.

Beautiful wedding, beautiful day, so happy to have been a part of this special day.  Speech went well.  People laughed at the parts where I had written “haha” on my notecard.  Success.

Oh, and it was more like 11:42am when I snapped this, but who’s really counting?

a stranger.

4 Feb

February 4, 2012:  A Stranger

Another photo of dogs, you say?  Ha!

I had plenty of opportunities to snap photos of strangers for today’s February photo challenge, but I forgot!  I feel like these feet belong to a stranger though, despite the fact that they are currently attached to my legs.  I didn’t think my feet could really get any uglier, then pregnancy happened.  Today was the first time I really noticed swelling, and there it was.

You always just think that stuff happens to “other people.”  Every day my body is feeling more and more like a stranger’s.  It’s just a weird feeling, to have to recognize limitations.

One limitation is the inability to remove one’s own chipped toenail polish.  Luckily I have an amazing babydaddy/husband who was willing to take care of this for me today, as I am no longer able to (comfortably) reach my toes!

Pregnancy requires you to treat your body with the care and politeness you might extend to a stranger – rather than the harsh treatment we usually give to the familiar.  Does that make sense?

Funny thing is, there is a real stranger living inside of me, but she feels more like an old friend.  I can’t wait to get to know her.